No. PF - 12

Coast Range

Rosé (2023)

Coast Range Rosé (OR) With Dacha (2023)


Dacha (OR)


Corvallis, OR

750 ML


Tastes like breathing in the morning mist of the Oregon coast, but if that mist tasted like strawberry, pink grapefruit and crushed stones

  • Grape(s)

    Pinot Noir
  • Place

    Willamette Valley
  • Producer

    Dacha Wines
  • ABV (%)

  • Contents (ML)

  • Collab No.

    PF - 12

Coastal Winds & Regional Forms

Written by Brent Braun

In 2023 Isabel Newlin got offered the chance to farm a small 2 acre homestead vineyard in the southern hinterlands of the Willamette Valley coast range. It was planted 25 years ago and had been farmed a bit willy nilly over the years by multiple different people. The end result was a vineyard in poor shape. But the allure of old-ish vine, coast range fruit was tempting, so Isabel accepted. After a winter and spring of rehabilitation, it was clear that this site had a ton of potential. But Isabel didn't need any more fruit for Dacha. So she called us up and asked if we wanted to buy her first vintage of the fruit. 

Dacha Wines in Corvallis Oregon

Of course we said yes. In our endless pursuit of experimentation, we were thrilled to explore this neglected part of the Willamette Valley. When people think of the Willamette Valley, they often picture the classic stretch between Portland and Salem. But vineyards exist in nooks and crannies all over the state. This vineyard is about 2 hours south of Portland, which means it’s really not on the radar of anyone who lives or works in the northern Willamette valley. A four hour round trip from Portland is a lot. But despite its geographical obscurity, it's a pretty special place to grow grapes.

Dacha Wines in Corvallis Oregon
Organically farmed

The potential of the Oregon coast range has always fascinated us for a number of reasons. First of all, certain weather factors make it particularly well suited to organic farming, which we’re big believers of. The Coast Range generally gets less rain (because of the rain shadow of the mountains) and also has stronger winds coming from the ocean, both of which mean less disease pressure. Less disease pressure means it’s easier to farm organically. 

Dacha Wines in Corvallis Oregon
Brighter acids

And secondly, the higher elevations of the coast range are generally colder, which means brighter acids in the grapes and more freshness in the wine…overall more potential for wines that drink with zip and energy. In an era of warmer temperatures, grapes like Pinot Noir really benefit from these cooler, higher elevation sites. In hot years (heat dome, anyone?) Pinot grown on the lower elevation valley floor can easily get too ripe and the wines end up tasting like they're from California.  But up in the coast range, Pinot can grow in its preferred environment.

Post Familiar Natural Wine “Pinot makes more sense in the coast range than many other places in Oregon right now.” - Isabel Newlin

“Pinot makes more sense in the coast range than many other places in Oregon right now.”

Isabel Newlin

Because this place is so unique, we wanted to capture the vineyard in some kind of pure, unadulterated way, so we teamed with Isabel to pick the vineyard and make it into Rose.

Dacha Wines in Corvallis Oregon
Why Rose?

Well to us, there is something so raw about Rose. You’re not hiding anything and there are no winemaking tricks. It’s just grapes, picked, pressed, put into barrel (and tank), aged and finally, put into bottle. Simple. Primal. Essential. Skin and bones.

Drinking this rose is like drinking the Oregon Coast Range in it’s most elemental form, and we love it.

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