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We partner with creative winemakers to produce unique, one-off natural wines shipped directly to you.

“Innovating and creating new and interesting experiences in the drinks space”

“Focused on partnering with existing winemakers to fund and support small producers and distinctive wines”

“The Top Ten Oregon Rosés of Summer. You could drink a lot of it.”

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Collaboration 01

Hybrid Red

Wine (2021)

Post Familiar Natural Wine – Variety Pack

With Bow

& Arrow (OR)

Post Familiar Natural Wine – Variety Pack

Tastes like carrying a bag of peppercorn dust through a spring forest at twilight, while feeding chocolate blackberries to feral forest creatures.

“Hybrids are less susceptible to disease because they evolved here. You don't have to do anything to them.”

Scott Frank

Behind the Collaboration

WTF is a hybrid red grape? Rare to Oregon,Léon Millot is a cross between a disease resistant American grape and a fancy European grape. Well suited to withstand climate change, we partnered with Bow & Arrow to explore the magic of the hybrid.

Collaboration 02

S/C Pinot

Gris (2021)

Post Familiar Natural Wine – Variety Pack

With Loop

De Loop (WA)

Post Familiar Natural Wine – Variety Pack

Tastes like reading a dusty book from an old library, where all the pages are made of sandalwood and all of the stories taste like sour cherries.

“Underwood has extremely small clusters of grapes with high skin to juice ratio. So lots of skins and little juice. All of this together makes for the darker color.”

Julia Bailey

Behind the Collaboration

Pinot Gris is typically made as a white wine, even though the grapes are purple. What happens when you harness the color and complexity from its skins? We partnered with Loop De Loop to create this alternative Pinot Gris from the Columbia Gorge.

Post Familiar was founded by sommelier Brent Braun, and designer Jordan Sowers with the goal of creating unique wines through the intersection of people, process and place.

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